How to Highlight Your Hair at Home: Get Your Dream Hair FREE

04 Jan

This is probably going to be a pretty short post, but trust me, this is valuable! Keep reading to see just how I got perfect hair WITHOUT going to the salon and spending all my the course of just a few weeks! 

Some of you may have already heard of this hair lightening item....Sun-in. 

This isn't a true DIY, and not all free, but if you use it like I did you will get much better results. 

Literally all you need is a hair, a blow dryer, and a bottle of sun-in. I have found that the lemon works better. If you have normal brown to dark brown hair, the process will take longer than those with light brown or dirty blonde hair. I have no idea how this works on those with red hair. Sorry red heads. And before trying this, if you have black hair, you will likely get reddish results. Just a heads up. So, here goes!

1. Wash your hair and brush out with a wet brush. Do not dry yet.                                         2. If normal to dark brown hair, spray sun in all over (continue this every day until it turn a light enough brown for the highlights to become apparent)                                         3. If light brown hair, pull out 10-20 pieces of your hair you wish to be highlighted, and put the rest back into a ponytail.                                                                                                    4. Spray all of the pieces very thoroughly and THEN blow dry until completely dry and brush well. You may not see results at first, but keep doing this until you do. 

This process gave me great highlights and it looked especially pretty when braiding. I say give it a go!   

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